Tackle Adds New Features to Drive Cloud GTM Flywheel Momentum for Customers

Last year we introduced the Cloud GTM Flywheel along with some exciting new features. This year, as the economic uncertainty impacts forecasts and slows deals down, go-to-market leaders want to invest in the channels where their sellers can win more and win faster, making Cloud GTM more important than ever. It’s a strategy that helps sellers meet customers where they want to buy while nurturing strategic partnerships that can lead to more, higher-value opportunities.

Today we are excited to share the latest additions to the Tackle Cloud GTM Platform, including Tackle Offers, Tackle Co-Sell, Tackle Prospect, and the Salesforce application that automates the entire workflow. Here are the highlights!


Tackle Cloud GTM Platform – Support for Microsoft Offers

Tackle Offers supports sales efficiency by minimizing manual data entry and increasing seller adoption of Marketplace. We now support Tackle Offers for AWS Marketplace and Microsoft commercial marketplace. Accessible in both Tackle and Salesforce, this feature makes it easy to extend a private offer and track it every step of the way. Further automate Cloud GTM processes by using the Salesforce application so private offers can be created from an existing opportunity and updated without leaving your system of record.


Tackle Co-Sell for AWS

Also introduced last quarter, our co-sell solution integrates Salesforce, Cloud Partner co-sell portals, and the Tackle Platform for an automated Marketplace sales experience. Sellers never need to leave Salesforce or learn how to navigate another portal. Enhancements to this feature include:

  • ISV sellers can send outbound and receive inbound opportunities from their AWS partner sellers in both Tackle and Salesforce
  • We also support bi-directional sync so that your data matches ACE, Tackle, and Salesforce. For example: if a seller updates the target close date, it will automatically update in ACE, eliminating duplicate efforts.
  • You can now launch/close co-sell opportunities when closing the Opportunity without having to leave Salesforce.
  • Marketing teams will appreciate that sellers can attribute marketing campaigns to their co-sell opportunities, resulting in a clearer picture of campaign performance and partner-sourced revenue. We have added this new AWS ACE field on your behalf so that the Tackle Co-Sell and ACE workflows are aligned.
  • Additionally, error messages will notify sellers if a submission failed so they can address and correct the problem right away. For example: if the seller inputs a zip code in the wrong format, Tackle will prompt the user to edit the field before sending to ACE.


Quantify the Cloud GTM Opportunity with Tackle Prospect

To round out the Cloud GTM Flywheel, we also introduced Tackle Prospect, a business intelligence tool that helps sellers identify the most likely candidates for a Marketplace transaction. Leveraging information from multiple trusted sources, we created a predictive model that supports your entire GTM team as they:

  • Identify best-fit deals for Marketplace in your pipeline
  • Determine where to list your product first based on customer preference with separate scores for AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace, and Microsoft commercial marketplace.
  • Plan highly targeted campaigns
  • Nail your Cloud GTM objectives.

Now available in the Salesforce application, sellers can view this information on each opportunity giving contextual guidance on the accounts most likely to procure in Marketplace. Salesforce v1.2 is now available for download on the Salesforce AppExchange. To learn more or get a demo of the latest features, reach out to sales@tackle.io.