Scale Your Cloud Marketplace Revenue Using Tackle Offers

We’ve been talking a lot about private offers over the last year, and there’s a good reason. Our customers who understand how to take advantage of this program are scaling revenue faster. Private offers allow software companies to pass custom pricing and terms to each buyer and create alignment between the direct sales process and the Marketplace sales process. Unfortunately, private offers and Marketplaces are a new motion for many companies and as your revenue scales, they can cause friction with existing systems and processes. We created Tackle Offers to make it even easier for sellers to sell their product on Marketplace and sell it FAST. 

With Tackle Offers, sales leaders will love the ease with which they can send private offers, the ability to track the offer as it moves through acceptance stages, and the granular metadata they will now see with each offer. Finance and Operations leaders will celebrate how simple it is to create a quote or invoice and attach it to the private offer inside of Tackle. In short, get ready to take your Marketplace game to the next level and scale revenue from your Marketplace transactions with greater confidence. 

Tackle’s continuous innovation means that Tackle Offers is available across all three clouds: AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and GCP Marketplace.

“We are incredibly excited to start leveraging the Tackle Offers feature,” said Kevin Wagner VP, Corporate Development & Strategy at AppDynamics. “The ability to granularly track our customers private offers from end to end, and include metadata our teams need to associate customers with their specific private offers is something that will provide the team at AppDynamics significant value. I’m especially happy to see this innovation come to the Marketplaces, as we initially worked very closely with the team from Tackle to develop the requirements for this solution.”

How to Use Tackle OFfers to Simplify your Marketplace Selling

At Tackle, our team relies on Offers as our source of truth for all aspects of the private offer and the contract’s lifecycle from quote to cash. Let’s look at the key ways we use this ourselves:

One single source of truth: In the past, customers have attempted to manage private offers using numerous systems (up to four in some cases) and the source of truth has often ended being a spreadsheet. While that may work to get started, you’ll run into challenges with data, communication, and notifications. We created an easy-to-understand dashboard to view the status of all your offers at-a-glance.

From the dashboard, you can dig into details on each private offer that’s in motion. Not only does this dashboard give you information on the product purchased, creation date, and the current status of the offer in the acceptance process, but you’ll be able to identify at which stage the offer is held up and allocate resources appropriately. 

Teams can now align data from the Marketplace with their sales process and ensure all Sales, Operations, and Finance team members are seeing that same data. 

Better viewing options: We know our customers need the ability to view private offers in Tackle in different ways. To make that easier, we’ve updated the offer cards to include the Offer ID, since Marketplace portals reference private offers this way, and we’ve added a new list view with column sorting. Now the Offer ID can be viewed on the main Tackle Offers dashboard for easy reference. 

No external workflows: Finance and Ops teams don’t want to be bouncing between spreadsheets and the Cloud Marketplace to create a private offer. We’ve simplified that by allowing you to create a private offer in Tackle before it’s created in the Cloud Marketplace with only the product and buyer company name – no need for the Offer ID!

This eliminates the need to use any spreadsheets to track offers before creating them in the Cloud Marketplace and gives you one source of truth for a contract’s lifecycle. 

Track deals in real-time: It’s important to understand where your deal is at any point in the approval process. We’ve created a seamless order tracking workflow to help you monitor all activity on any private offer.

Here you’ll find details on the contact, event, and time when events happen on open private offers. Say hello to a whole new world of tracking the full lifecycle of an offer which includes: offer creation, association to Tackle, sending of purchase instructions, buyer opening instructions, buyer viewing of the offer in the Cloud Marketplace, and buyer acceptance of the offer.

Collaborate with all stakeholders: Tackle allows associated team members to receive email updates right to their inbox when a private offer status changes and eliminate any manual back and forth status updates. In addition, Cloud Marketplace partner teams can be alerted with real-time notifications on private offers to reduce any confusion between the seller and partner Marketplace team.

Make the first experience a seamless one: Buyer purchase instructions can now be sent from the ISV’s company email address so that buyers trust the source of the emails and can quickly and confidently act on the offer. Utilizing this feature also enables all email replies to go directly to the software provider for faster responses on clarifying questions or requests to update the offer from the buyer.

Currently, this custom domain feature is only available for AWS Marketplace. Coming soon for Microsoft Commercial Marketplace and Google Cloud Marketplace.

Want to see Tackle Offers in action? Contact your Tackle Marketplace Guide with any questions. If you’re not yet a Tackle customer, schedule a demo today or check us out on AWS MarketplaceAzure Marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace.

Happy selling!