Marketplace Fee and Buyer Titles for Private Offer Acceleration & our Weekly Round-up Email

Tackle built the software and processes to make it easy to sell your software in Cloud Marketplaces and leverage this channel to drive significant revenue. We’re continually innovating on our Cloud Marketplace Platform based on customer feedback to make it easier to manage your cloud software business. In this month’s update, we’re excited to share some new Tackle features which include the new Weekly Tackle Round-Up Email, and Enhancements to Private Offer Acceleration like Marketplace Fee and Buyer Titles. Check them out!

Tackle meets you where you are…in your inbox

Once you get your listing live on Marketplace, the Tackle love doesn’t stop. We’ve created a weekly round-up email that you’ll see in your inbox every Monday at 10am EST. This email will provide you with personalized insights to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

Weekly round-up email
Each email contains information like:

  • Open Smart Onboarding tasks
  • Open Private Offer Acceleration tasks
  • Top 5 latest activity events
  • Quick links to easily navigate to the Tackle Dashboard or Smart Onboarding

If you haven’t been receiving this email, but you want to be added to the list, reach out to your Tackle Guide at support@tackle.io.

Continue to scale your Marketplace Operations

Tackle engages with sellers at all phases of their Marketplace evolution from those just getting started to some of the largest sellers in the world. We consistently hear feedback from our medium and large scale sellers that they need more capabilities and flexibility when it comes to Marketplace operations. Based on this feedback, we’ve continued to innovate on our Private Offer Acceleration solution.

Private Offer Acceleration provides a streamlined way to send Private Offers, a clear view of the order’s movement through the stages, and the granular visibility that Sales, Finance, and Operations teams need. This will continue to be a key area of investment for Tackle in 2021 as we focus on our mission of helping sellers sell and scale with Cloud Marketplaces. Here are two new enhancements to Private Offer Acceleration you can find in the platform right now: 

Forecast and book revenue more accurately: Currently, it’s challenging to accurately book revenue and track expected payments for deals through Marketplaces. You don’t know what percentage is being taken out by the Cloud Provider and this fee can vary by Marketplace, offer, and even by the individual deal. Sales and Finance teams need more clarity.

Marketplace Fee

Now with the addition of the Marketplace Fee field in Tackle’s Private Offer Acceleration workflow, Sales Ops, Finance, and Accounting teams can more accurately forecast and book revenue. You can now input the fee for the deal and we’ll calculate how much revenue will flow through to you. This is designed to give software companies efficiency and transparency when selling on Cloud Marketplaces. 

Increase the efficiency of executing and closing deals: In Tackle’s Private Offer Acceleration workflow, sales teams can include buyers’ contact information to determine who will receive the Private Offer invitation along with instructions to complete the purchase. This makes it easy for different individuals to take the necessary steps to complete the purchase and for stakeholders in your organization to stay in the loop throughout the buying process. 

Buyer Titles


However, when multiple team members are listed as buyers in Tackle, it can be difficult to keep up with the who’s who and know which person needs to accept the Private Offer. This is why we’ve added a field for Buyer Titles in the Private Offer Acceleration workflow. Including the buyer’s title simplifies the follow-up so you can close deals faster. 

Questions about our latest updates? Let us know! The Tackle team is here to build a platform that our customers love and are excited to use, and we want to hear from you. Contact your Tackle Guide (support@tackle.io) with any questions.

Want to see any of these features in action? If you’re not yet a Tackle customer, schedule a demo today or check us out on AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.