Sisense Has a New Revenue Strategy & a New Approach to AWS

With the Help of Tackle, Sisense Opens Up a Faster Pathway to Revenue on AWS Marketplace

Executive Summary

When Sisense met Tackle, they were leveraging a BYOL listing on AWS Marketplace. Customers were not able to take advantage of streamlined procurement nor could they use committed AWS spend to purchase Sisense solutions. Sisense wanted a way to accelerate the launch of a transactable SaaS listing to provide a high-touch customer experience and the dedicated care that aligned with their company values, as well as a way to open up a new channel for revenue to assist with renewals from customers seeking to utilize their AWS Enterprise Discount Programs (EDPs).

Key Highlights

New Revenue Source

Landed two customers via Private Offers and expects to run multi-millions worth of business this year

Reduced Sales Cycle 20%

Reduced sales cycle time by 20% for customer purchases run through their AWS Marketplace listing

Speed to Marketplace

Launched new SaaS listing in less than 2 weeks with zero engineering cycles

Opening a New Revenue Channel and New Ways to Reach Customers


Challenge: Resource Constraint and an Unproven Channel

A data product at its core, Sisense had the analytics to prove they needed to seek pre-sales opportunities on AWS Marketplace to open up a new revenue stream and increase their win rates. However, the team at Sisense struggled to justify dedicating internal R&D resources to unproven revenue generation channels. They knew that to make an investment in AWS Marketplace successful they needed to get the attention of the AWS sales team to partner for co-sell opportunities, overcome the technical obstacles presented by an AWS Marketplace integration, and find a way to drive revenue through their listing from new and existing customers.

Thanks to Tackle, we were able to launch our new SaaS listing in less than 2 weeks with zero engineering cycles required so our internal team could stay focused on platform innovation. As a result, we've reduced sales cycle time by 20% for customer purchases run through our AWS Marketplace listing.

VP, Platform Partnerships & Alliances, Sisense

Solution: The High-Touch, Customer-Centric Love from Tackle

When Sisense met Tackle, they viewed the investment as an inexpensive experiment. As Steven Larsen, VP, Platform Partnerships & Alliances at Sisense, explained “The Tackle team would transform not only the Sisense journey of listing on the Marketplace but also our value proposition from a Marketplace perspective in less than two weeks – a timeframe that to this day is close to unfathomable. And it was so simple from Sisense’s end. We provided our information and our goals, and within days, Tackle turned it around to launch our first listing.” Tackle offered expertise and support at every turn, jumped in on short notice to help Sisense close their first private offer, and delivered a solid customer experience in the process through AWS Marketplace. After Tackle helped Sisense overcome the technical barriers of getting onto the Marketplace, the overall experience for their customers has been seamless. On top of Sisense’s strong partnership with AWS, they now work closely with the AWS Marketplace Customer Advisors and Business Development Team to collaborate around transactions and with that, also have invigorated trust from its customers. The Sisense team credits its customer confidence improvement to the sales team enablement driven by the Tackle team. “Through our partnership with AWS Marketplace powered by Tackle, we have been able to add an easy-to-purchase, easy-to-use experience that would have been very hard to pull off by ourselves,” Larsen said, “And we couldn’t ask for anything better than the high-touch, customer-centric love that Tackle has provided to ensure that the Sisense customer is truly winning every step of the way.”  

Results: An Incredible Impact on Overall Business and Revenue

In a matter of months, Tackle went from being a business experiment to an indispensable part of Sisense’s revenue strategy.
  • In the first few weeks of their partnership, Tackle and the AWS Marketplace sales team helped Sisense convert a long-term customer who renewed annually to a 3-year renewal paid upfront via AWS Marketplace, significantly improving cash flow.
  • Sisense has seen a 20% reduction in the sales cycle on AWS Marketplace transactions, speeding up the time to value for both Sisense and the customer.
  • Sisense expects to close several millions of dollars in new business through the Marketplace in 2020, significantly impacting overall business and revenue.
  • Sisense has joined the Cloud Marketplace Community of advocates from Tackle’s Marketplace ecosystem, allowing improved collaboration, best practice sharing, and alignment with other ISVs, including New Relic, Snowflake, and CrowdStrike.
As a result, the Marketplace has proven to be a tool that opens up efficiencies and time savings that have a positive impact on Sisense’s success. “Tackle gave us the confidence to embrace, rather than fear, the fact that nothing is set in stone,” Larsen explained “We are confident that there is no limit to our refinement as long as Tackle supports us. The sky is the limit.”
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