Fastly Taps Tackle to Kick Its Google Marketplace Listing into High Gear

Tackle Meets Fastly’s Need for Speed on the Cloud Marketplace

Executive Summary

Fastly was eager to start selling its edge cloud platform through Google’s Cloud Marketplace. To eliminate the need for engineering resources required to do it themselves, Fastly enlisted Tackle to help them go live in near-record time. Tackle’s experts and zero-engineering platform allowed Fastly to start doing business in just one month from project kick-off—creating opportunities for new deals soon after.

Key Highlights

Rapid Launch

Added a profitable new sales channel in one month

New Revenue

Began realizing ROI almost immediately

Easy Metering

Tackle feature supports consumption-based billing

Private Offers

Builds strong, ongoing relationships with clients

The Challenge

Fastly, a premier edge cloud platform, long considered adding the Google Cloud Platform as a new revenue source. Andrew Singer, Director of Global Cloud Providers at Fastly, frequently attended Tackle Office Hours, where a community of users meets to learn about the latest Marketplace news and share best practices for maximizing this growing channel.  

When it came time for Fastly to make its move to the GCP Marketplace, it was important that engineering resources were considered ahead of the creation and management of the Marketplace listing. 

On a referral from Google, Fastly enlisted Tackle for help. True to its name, Fastly wanted its listing to go live quickly to begin engaging with new prospects. 

The Solution

Tackle’s team kicked into overdrive to help Fastly meet its accelerated timeline. Through Tackle’s zero-engineering Cloud GTM Platform, the Fastly listing was up and running in approximately 30 days following Tackle’s project kick-off call.  

“Speed was just one advantage,” said Andrew. “Tackle set Fastly up to leverage the Marketplace successfully as a revenue channel and fulfillment vehicle. We closed our first deal in just 19 days after being listed.” And thanks to Tackle’s Easy Metering, Fastly can bill in the Marketplace just like it does in direct deals: on a pay-as-you-go basis for data consumption.  

Tackle set Fastly up to leverage the Marketplace successfully as a revenue channel and fulfillment vehicle. We closed our first deal in just 19 days after being listed.

Director of Global Cloud Providers, Fastly

Customer Impact 

Fastly’s first Marketplace deal closed in 19 days, an achievement made possible through the quick and efficient work of the Tackle team. What’s next for Fastly? “All of our Marketplace deals have been and will continue to be private offers,” said Andrew. “So we’re excited to try Tackle Offers to streamline and speed up that process even more, making transactions easier for our customers and our team.”

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About Fastly

Fastly’s edge cloud platform enables users to create great digital experiences quickly, securely and reliably by processing, serving, and securing customers’ applications as close to end-users as possible. Fastly's edge cloud platform takes advantage of the modern internet, and is designed both for programmability and to support agile software development.