Azure Marketplace

Tackle Customer Story: A Cloud Guru, a Pluralsight company

Jon Dugan, Director of Partnerships and Alliances at A Cloud Guru, shares the story of why A Cloud Guru decided to start selling on the Cloud Marketplaces, the role the Marketplaces have played in A Cloud Guru’s business, and his advice for other companies looking to travel down this path.

Tackle Customer Story: CrowdStrike

Jessica Alexander, VP, Amazon Account Team at CrowdStrike, explains her journey through Cloud Marketplace success before engaging with Tackle, the role Marketplace plays in CrowdStrike’s revenue goals, and how they have scaled their team over time.

Tackle Customer Story: Dataiku

Hear why Dataiku decided to start selling on the Cloud Marketplaces, advice for others who are looking to get started, and how Tackle has helped support Dataiku across all three of the major Cloud Marketplaces.

How Snowflake Drives Revenue with Azure Marketplace

Not sure why you should be selling on Cloud Marketplaces? You’re not alone. Hear our panelists from the Azure Marketplace team and top Azure Marketplace seller, Snowflake, about best practices for driving success and revenue on the Marketplace.