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Why Tackle

New Relic partnered with Tackle to develop a holistic marketplace strategy that aligned their business model with the capabilities of the AWS Marketplace.

Key Outcomes

  • Immediate sales traction through the marketplace listings
  • Private offers have accelerated the time to close enterprise deals
  • AWS has become a go-to channel for the sales field team
  • Expanded AWS partnership and strategy
  • New customer acquisition as well as incremental transactions
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About New Relic

New Relic gives customers deep performance analytics for every part of their software environment. Users can easily view and analyze massive amounts of data and gain actionable insights in real-time. New Relic is a SaaS solution with over 17,000 customers.

The Challenge

New Relic has deep integration with AWS and continues to make engineering investments.

“We have over 30 integrations with AWS to help builders quickly and easily add infrastructure visibility to the application and end-user monitoring that New Relic is known for. The full-stack solution is critical to many DevOps teams delivering cloud-native digital experiences, and a core element of many cloud migration initiatives, such as the AWS Migration assurance program,” said Todd Osborne, VP of Alliances & Channels at New Relic.

Extending the strategic partnership by offering New Relic via the AWS Marketplace was a natural progression as more customers are looking to AWS Marketplace for ISV solutions.

The Tackle Solution

“We could have rallied an internal engineering team to work through the AWS Marketplace integration, but that would have taken them away from working on our product. Instead,we decided to turn to Tackle to help us get listed and integrate our internal systems with the marketplace,” said George Chintala, VP of Partner Strategy and programs at New Relic.

Tackle partnered with New Relic to determine the best listing type for their business before publishing their public and private offer listings to the AWS Marketplace in less than six weeks.

“Once we were listed we started to experience operational business issues with our finance team. Tackle’s Downstream platform overcame these challenges by providing a single dashboard for reporting across all of our marketplace listings and will also provide the ability to integrate with Salesforce as our business matures,” said George.

Customer Impact

“We quickly saw traction with our listings after they went live and have had numerous transactions and private offers flow through our listings,” said Todd. “The Marketplace allows customers to buy from us in a way that is easy for them with consolidated payments on a single AWS monthly bill.”

“Sales is very enthusiastic about what they have seen since our listing was completed. They realize they can accelerate deals and find incremental budgets by leveraging the AWS Marketplace,” said George. “It has also encouraged a lot more joint selling and collaboration with AWS since both the AWS and New Relic field teams are incentivized to drive business through the marketplace.”

AWS moves fast so we needed a partner to help us sustain our market leading position. Tackle allows us to continuously use the latest marketplace features and programs,” said Todd

"AWS moves fast so that we needed a partner to help us continuously take advantage of the latest marketplace features and programs."

Todd Osborne, VP of Alliances & Channels at New Relic