Navigating Cloud GTM Success
with Tackle’s Strategic Services

Cloud Marketplaces and co-selling offer significant revenue opportunities for ISVs, and with the right partner, the journey towards success can be seamless. Through the convergence of technology, defined processes, and strategic partnerships, ISVs can foster efficiency and generate revenue through Cloud GTM. 

At Tackle, we’ve helped more than 550 ISVs build their GTM through the clouds and we’ve done it ourselves as well. Through this we’ve learned the ins and outs of how to navigate the Cloud Provider programs, best practices for taking a deal through Marketplace, and we’ve got a long list of do’s and don’ts on just about every topic you can think of. And if you know us, you know we don’t like to keep our knowledge to ourselves—we share what we know so you can find success with Cloud GTM. 

With that, we also know that achieving a successful Cloud GTM strategy is more than just a platform…it requires a balance of people, process, and technology. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Strategic Services offerings, designed to guide and accelerate your organization’s journey toward Cloud GTM success!


Tackle Advisory Workshops: Focused Insights with Tangible Takeaways

Don’t know where to start? Need a little help empowering executive stakeholders on the Cloud GTM strategy, transforming the quote-to-cash process for Marketplace, or figuring out your Marketplace marketing motion? Tackle’s workshops are thoughtfully designed to delve deep into key areas of value within Cloud GTM. Our seasoned advisors bring your stakeholders together either virtually or in-person around pivotal topics. These workshops are a unique opportunity to drive outcomes that align to your needs and goals while avoiding the common pitfalls of internal collaboration. Some of our popular workshops include: 

  • Cloud GTM Overview Workshop: Tackle guides your leadership team through the “why” and “how” of Cloud GTM. We’ll assess your business and provide you with an actionable 30-60-90 day plan of focus for your next steps in this motion.
  • Co-sell GTM & Operations Workshop: Whether you’re new or at scale, we’ll teach you how to maximize co-selling with the clouds, build stronger partnerships, how to focus on building your brand, and where to uncover new financial opportunities.

Tackle Cloud GTM Coaches: Your Dedicated Partners in Success

Have you ever wished you could ‘borrow’ a Tackler and have them become a member of your team? Your wish has been granted! With our Cloud GTM Coaching, you get strategic guidance with a personal expert, project management, and ongoing enablement efforts on an annual basis from Tackle. Our dedicated coaches work alongside you and your team to advise on the following areas and set you up to accelerate your time-to-value and maximize your Cloud GTM ROI:

  • Cloud GTM Strategy: Set KPIs, benchmarks, and processes collaboratively to streamline your Cloud GTM motion
  • Marketplace: Learn how to leverage Marketplace, partner portals, and tools to drive cloud revenue
  • Data: Provide actionable insights to identify the best-fit deals to co-sell with the clouds
  • Sales Enablement: Arm your sellers with knowledge to uncover potential deals that are a good fit for Cloud GTM and provide best practices to leverage this as a sales channel
  • Co-sell: Get guidance on multi-cloud co-sell strategies, brand awareness, alignment maximization, and more
  • Product Expertise: Maximize your use of Tackle through new feature enablement all while keeping up-to-date on the latest Marketplace and co-sell happenings across the clouds


Co-sell Managed Services: Navigate Co-sell with Confidence

Successfully getting co-sell aligned with your Marketplace sales motion is a critical step to get the Cloud GTM flywheel spinning, and Tackle’s Co-sell Managed Services are here to guide you in navigating the journey. Our specialists help you through the complexities of cloud partner programs, internal tools, and processes, optimizing your co-selling strategy for maximum impact.

We understand that your cloud investment is valuable and we’re here to help you accelerate your return on investment through those partnerships. We provide many ongoing activities that align closely to the Co-Sell Operating Model—all aimed to propel you toward your co-sell revenue goals. Activities include things like:

  • Co-sell Onboarding: Configuration and discovery of co-sell motion, initial data cleanup and maintenance, and setup of internal co-sell operations process
  • Co-sell Operations: Visibility through opportunity sharing, continuous pipeline hygiene, inbound lead acceptance process, and registering closed won deals
  • Co-sell Communications: Seamless cloud to AE introductions, reminders on stalled deals, internal win notifications, and more

To learn more about how Tackle’s Strategic Services can transform your organization’s Cloud GTM strategy, contact us today. Your success story begins here.

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