Introducing The Tackle Cloud Community

Our goal at Tackle is to open-source our playbook to help other software companies develop Cloud GTM strategies that are scalable, repeatable, and profitable. With this goal in mind, creating a space for Tackle customers to come together, share knowledge, and learn from each other was an important piece in enabling our customers to succeed. 

Last month, we introduced The Tackle Cloud Community to our customer base, offering an inclusive, safe, and engaging space for Tackle customers to connect with other ISVs on Cloud GTM best practices. The Tackle Cloud Community aims to serve as an interactive resource for members to solve problems, spark new ideas, and find greater success selling through Marketplace. 

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Regardless of where our customers are in their Cloud GTM journeys, we know how challenging it can be to navigate Cloud Provider relationships and programs while enabling internal teams to see the value and get the most out of Marketplace. The Tackle Cloud community can be leveraged when needed to access a network of peer-to-peer support, guidance, and comradery around all aspects of cloud selling. With discussion forum topics relating to finance, operations, Tackle features, and cloud selling for AWS, Google, and Microsoft, members have a unique opportunity to engage in deeper conversations with other ISVs on similar paths.

“I really think it is a unique platform for Marketplace professionals to collaborate and learn from each other. It’s the first platform to experiment your ideas with other Marketplace professionals before you actually execute.” – Joey Meucci, Seeq, Founding Community Member

Our Tackle experts will be actively engaging in the forums too, ensuring our members are in the know about the ever-changing cloud selling landscape as well as offering opportunities for members to have their voices heard as Tackle grows.

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