Infographic: The Dawn of a New Go-To-Market Age

A long-term business strategy that leverages the Cloud Providers' ecosystem

Ecommerce will dominate the future of B2B software sales, and the clouds have proven to be a linchpin in modern go-to-market strategies. The clouds represent a long-term business strategy for sellers. We call this a Cloud go-to-market (GTM). In a Cloud GTM, software sellers leverage the Cloud Provider ecosystems to drive lift to their revenue strategy.


Cloud budgets are still growing

  • For the full year 2022, IDC forecasted cloud spend to grow 22% compared to 2021 spend. That’s $90.2 billion!
  • 68% of buyers will increase their cloud budget in the next year.
  • 76% of business leaders agree current business models will be unrecognizable in the next few years ecosystems will be the main change agent according to Accenture.


Top reasons software companies are selling through the clouds:

There are benefits for buyers and sellers

The clouds unlock access to new buyers with billions in pre-committed spend. The benefits for both buyers and sellers are powerful — it’s all about speed, convenience, and access to budget.


Invest where sellers can win more and win faster

Cloud GTM requires access to data that helps analyze a buyer’s likelihood to buy in Marketplace and determine the best fit deals to co-sell with the clouds. Knowing who to sell to and sell with leads to faster and larger Marketplace transactions.

This data-driven sales approach is the basis for a fresh spin on the flywheel concept specifically for generating the momentum required for a successful Cloud go-to-market.

Tackle: The smarter way to go-to-market with the Clouds

Through a combination of our platform and expert guidance, Tackle helps to activate the Cloud GTM Flywheel leading to greater and faster results for both sellers and buyers. The Tackle Platform connects disparate systems, automates workflows, and provides actionable pipeline data for a more efficient sales process.

Centralized Cloud Marketplace technology and support

As GTM teams get the flywheel spinning, Tackle is by their side, sharing best practices and key learnings that can only be gained through years of first-hand experience. Marketplace and Cloud partnerships are how we do business and we eagerly open our playbook to help our customers reach that same level of proficiency.


Marketplace is part of a long-term Cloud GTM strategy

The most important thing to remember as we see the next phase of ISVs develop a Cloud go-to-market motion is that Marketplace really is one part of a long-term business strategy. The end goal is not getting listed in Marketplace; it’s integrating Marketplace into the way you do business.

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