4 Major Improvements to the AWS Partner Path

AWS’s ISV Partner Path is an exciting new program announced at re:Invent 2020, aimed to improve the partnership process for ISVs and to replace the previous APN Partnership tiers for this group. AWS is shifting away from labels based on Partnership tiers towards tiers based on the solution that the partner is providing—bringing wider access to benefits. 

The inclusive program began rolling out in January of this year and Tackle has already been approached to participate in the transition. This big shift can be daunting, so here we’ll highlight the biggest positive changes Partner Path will bring. 

Improved AWS Foundational Technical Review

The implementation of the Foundational Technical Review (FTR) is an exciting shift towards solution badging. It was formerly known as the Technical Baseline review, where partners can participate in a free one-on-one review of their product by their Solutions Architect. This consultation should identify risks or problems with partners’ AWS-based product(s) in order to improve security and performance. AWS is encouraging all partners to utilize this resource, as they can provide best practices and advice for improvement. Partner Path participants also gain access to the Well-Architected Framework and FTR Lens, which should be conducted prior to the FTR. 

The FTR Lens will allow new and existing workloads to be reviewed in preparation for the FTR. Workloads can be checked against each Well Architected Pillar and best practice to ensure constant improvement and review. Additionally, it embeds questions from the FTR to allow for preparation prior to the review such as “How do you protect sensitive data at rest?” Both the FTR Lens and the Foundational Technical Review will result in more secure, reliable, and effective products as well as a more solution-focused approach to Partnership tiers. 

One last key to note is that another method to prep for the FTR is through an AWS Consulting Partner-Led Review in addition to FTR Lens. If an ISV participates and allows a well-architected partner to review, then solves 25% of high risk improvements, then they may become eligible for AWS Promotional Credits from the AWS Well-Architected ISV Funding Program. 

Expansion of AWS ISV Accelerate Access

The whole goal of Partner Path is to allow ISVs to access all of the APN benefits without needing to achieve a status. There are numerous programs that have been created to benefit ISVs and AWS aims to allow broader access to them. One such program is ISV Accelerate

ISV Accelerate is a program that helps ISVs succeed after listing on Marketplace by providing increased incentives, savings, and assistance for AWS partners. AWS sales teams are incentivized with increased compensation for “launching” deals and bringing opportunities to partners in the ISV Accelerate program, and ISVs in the program receive reduced listing fees. Additionally, your partner info and sales collateral will be included in the Account Managers solution book to allow them to promote your solution to other ISVs (which means potential deals for you). Being a member of this program makes your product a more attractive resource for AWS to sell. 

Now, any partner on the Partner Path can join this program instead of having to achieve a certain status to be eligible. This will open up AWS resources for partners and result in increased success. 

Tackle has been a member of the ISV Accelerate program for almost a year and we’ve seen incredible success partnering with AWS through the program. We have seen an increase in leads referred to us, our ACE acceptances go through faster, and increased engagement because of the sales incentives. Our participation in ISV Accelerate has also introduced us to AWS Account Managers who see value in our solution and have become advocates of Tackle and expanded our co-sell motions. We highly recommend that other partners join this program. 

Read Tackle’s AWS Marketplace Seller Guide to learn more about these terms, people, and programs. 

Expansion of AWS Funding Access

With the new Partner Path, funding resources can now be accessed more broadly and without having to reach a Partnership tier. 

One such funding program is MDF or Marketing Development Funds. This funding can be reached in the APN portal and should be used for co-sell motions. Funds are applied in conjunction with partner marketing efforts, where AWS pays for half and the partner pays for the other half. ISVs can now access this pool of funds for activities such as webinars, ads, or virtual events. We love to see that MDF is now more accessible than ever. 

Partner Path also opens up opportunities for Innovation Sandbox project funding and Partner Opportunity Acceleration. These programs offer AWS credits to offset project development costs that come with deep partnership and can be applied for. Now, ISVs can access and apply for these funds just by participating in the Partner Path program. 

New Support for AWS Consulting Partners

AWS Consulting Partners are another new addition to Partner Path. Consulting Partners can now apply to participate in the Partner Path program without jeopardizing their AWS Consulting Partner tier status. If Consulting Partners choose to join, they can benefit from these same programs and benefits.

Read what you need to know about Consulting Partner Private Offers through AWS Marketplace. 

Overall, the new Partner Path program is inclusive of ISVs and Consulting Partners, and really opens up the resources AWS provides. With this new program, Tackle encourages partners to migrate to Partner Path, participate in the Foundational Technical Review, and take advantage of all the benefits AWS offers. 

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