What You Need to Know About the AWS Partner Path

Get the most out of AWS Partner Path

In January 2022, AWS rolled out its ISV Partner Path to replace the previous APN Partnership tiers and improve the partnership process for ISVs. With AWS Partner Path, partnership tiers are based on the solution that the partner is providing—bringing wider access to a host of benefits that were previously unavailable under the APN Partnership tiers. For more information on the program, see our AWS Marketplace Seller Guide.


What is the AWS Partner Path?

The AWS Partner Path is a program ISVs can leverage for a variety of funding, workshops, webinars, and other resources to help grow and expand business. The program has five different paths to align with a business’ market, including hardware, services, training, distribution, and a software path for ISVs.

The primary goal of Partner Path is to help ISVs access (and make the most of) all of the benefits available to them.  

Here are a few highlights of the programs available through AWS Partner Path:


1. Access to ISV Accelerate

ISV Accelerate provides increased incentives, savings, and assistance for AWS partners. Any partner on the Partner Path is eligible to join in the program to receive reduced listing fees and AWS incentivises its sales teams with increased compensation for “launching” deals and bringing opportunities to partners in the ISV Accelerate program. 

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With ISV Accelerate, ISVs get matched with AWS account managers who advocate for your solution and expand your co-sell motions. The account manager will promote your solution to other ISVs (which means potential deals for you). 

Additionally, members of the ISV Accelerate program can expect an increase in referred leads and more rapid ACE acceptances. 

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2. Access to AWS Foundational Technical Review

The Foundational Technical Review (FTR), formerly known as the “Technical Baseline Review,” enables partners to participate in a free one-on-one review of their product by an AWS Solutions Architect. This consultation helps to identify risks or problems with partners’ AWS-based product(s) to improve security and performance. AWS encourages all partners to utilize this resource, as it provides best practices and valuable advice for improvement. 

ISVs typically prepare for the FTR with the FTR Lens, a tool that checks the ISVs product(s) against AWS’ Well-Architected Framework, a set of best practices designed to safeguard security and quality.

The FTR Lens utilizes questions (such as “How do you protect sensitive data at rest?”) to help prepare ISVs for the full Foundational Technical Review. Both the FTR Lens and the Foundational Technical Review help create more secure, reliable, and effective products. 

ISVs can also prepare for the FTR via an AWS Consulting Partner-Led Review. If an ISV allows another partner who meets AWS’ standards to review the product, then fixes 25% of identified high risk improvements, they become eligible for AWS promotional credits from the AWS Well-Architected ISV Funding Program. 


3. Access to the AWS Competency Program

ISVs can be endorsed for technical expertise and customer success through the AWS Competency Program. AWS Partners can apply for various competencies by vertical (e.g. financial services) or by use case (e.g. devOps, data and analytics, or security.) 

Benefits of a competency include marketing perks like being listed on the AWS solution page and priority ranking on the AWS Partner Solutions Finder. Additionally, companies with a competency gain access to the Deeper Learning series to see product release previews, as well as competency-specific funding and/or credits. 

Each competency has specific eligibility requirements and applications can be found in the Amazon Partner Network Account. 

4. AWS Funding Access

AWS Partner Path also gives access to funding resources. 

For example, Marketing Development Funds, or MDF, can be used for activities such as webinars, ads, or virtual events. This funding can be reached in the APN portal and should be used for co-sell motions. Funds are applied in conjunction with partner marketing efforts, which basically means AWS pays for half and the partner pays for the other half. 

Partner Path also opens up opportunities for Innovation Sandbox project funding and Partner Opportunity Acceleration. ISVs can access and apply for both of these programs, which offer AWS credits to offset project development costs.

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Overall, the AWS Partner Path program unlocks valuable AWS benefits. With this program, ISVs can leverage key tools and programs to help build Marketplace momentum.

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