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Tackle can help you create a strategy for listing, selling, and deploying your software in the cloud without diverting any internal development resources.

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Listing Administration

Ongoing management of your marketplace listings

Create and manage cloud marketplace listings in all the major cloud providers. We can help you choose the right type of listing for your product and develop a pricing strategy that turns the cloud marketplace into a successful sales channel for your business.

Deployment Packaging

Expert packaging of any software product

Tackle offers full service deployment packaging development. Tackle can help whether you’re just getting started with a single AMI deployment or have a product that requires a more sophisticated CAR listing.

Service Integration

Integrate your product with Tier 1 services

Cloud marketplaces offer many opportunities for integrating your services and processes with marketplace internals. Tackle can help you integrate with reporting or billing systems as well as other enhanced data sharing programs.

SaaS Listings

Any product can be SaaS

Allow your customers to purchase subscriptions to your SaaS product through the AWS Marketplace. Whether you want to bill your customers using metering, entitlements, or custom contracts, Tackle can help you find the right way to integrate your product with the SaaS marketplace.

Tackle can list your product in the marketplace

Works with any listing type and any deployment model