June Cloud Marketplace Innovation Updates: Marketo, Slack, Metering, and More!

Tackle has built the software and processes to make it easy to sell your software in Cloud Marketplaces and leverage this new channel to drive significant revenue. In this Cloud Marketplace Innovation Update, we’re excited to share two new integrations, Marketo and Slack, along with some brand new features, CSV Upload for Metering, and CloudFormation Templates for Smart Onboarding.

Sync leads and orders directly to your Marketo instance

Managing Marketplace leads and orders in multiple systems can be complex. Tackle’s Marketo integration for AWS, Azure, and GCP Marketplace automatically captures Marketplace order registration details from Tackle’s platform and pushes them into Marketo.

A new order will instantly generate a lead and trigger any internal Marketo workflows that are set up. In addition, the registration form entries for the order will be associated with the new lead to keep track of all Marketplace data in one place.

The best part? Getting setup is simple. Just follow the step-by-step instructions, test how the fields map from Marketo to Tackle and get up and running quickly instead of over multiple meetings.

Get real-time order notifications directly to your Slack workspace

All company stakeholders now have visibility into Marketplace transactions across AWS, Azure, and GCP Marketplace with Tackle’s Slack integration. See order events as they happen and get real-time notifications for new orders, upgrades, cancellations, and billing events directly in the company Slack channel.

Previously, software sellers had to wait for these order events to show up in their Tackle reports. Sellers now have a self-service way to enable Marketplace alerts by configuring the Slack integration via the easy to follow step-by-step instructions right inside the Tackle Platform.

Select customers for Easy Metering

Sellers already know that Tackle’s Easy Metering instantly sends metering records for an individual customer or a batch of customers at the same time. This makes it simple to facilitate overages, monthly true-ups, and percent-of-spend billing. There are also options to audit past metering events to see the amount and status. Our latest Easy Metering enhancement allows Finance and Ops teams to select certain customers and send multiple metering, overage, or usage records at the same time by uploading a single CSV file.

This functionality works across AWS, Azure, and GCP Marketplace and enhances the current manual metering capability. Back office teams who have multiple customers to bill each month will appreciate the ability to export billing records from wherever they track customer usage whether that’s an Excel sheet or a billing system like Zuora.

Automated access control and configuration

Securely manage AWS Marketplace permissions across your organization and grant Tackle access to all AWS transaction reporting inside of Tackle’s platform. During Tackle’s Smart Onboarding, CloudFormation Templates can now be configured in a few easy steps.

This process accelerates speed and accuracy during setup, allowing sellers to get listed faster and concentrate on selling, while your Finance and Ops team gets the reporting visibility and details they need in one place.

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