Tackle Update from CEO, John Jahnke

Today is the hardest day in Tackle history. Today, we made the difficult decision to reduce our staff by 15% due to the economic pressures that have forced so many other companies to do the same. 

Why did we need to do this? We saw record levels of growth through the pandemic and planned for them to continue in 2022 and beyond. But the market changed and we need to realign our cost structures to be in balance with our expected growth.

While it is incredibly difficult to say goodbye to Tacklers who have helped us get here, today’s changes are required to best position ourselves for more measured growth and long-term sustainability. Today, we are focused on the talented colleagues and dear friends that are moving on and we will be reshifting our focus in the coming weeks to building the future of Cloud GTM for our customers and partners. 

Those who were impacted are an amazingly talented group of individuals and if you are looking for Cloud GTM skills at your company, please reach out to hr@tackle.io and our outplacement team can advise on potential candidates.

Going forward:

As a company, our success is tied to the success of our customers using our platform and partnering with our teams to drive their desired outcome: selling more through the clouds.

Revenue is strategic at all times and is even more strategic in times of economic uncertainty. ISVs are looking for more ways to win; efficient ways to meet their buyers where their wallets live. Cloud budgets will continue to be one of the most durable budgets during an economic downturn. 

It is our responsibility to continue to innovate on behalf of the ISV ecosystem to enable Cloud GTM. We are building something really unique that gives our customers the ability to drive revenue more efficiently through the clouds. Tackle’s continued focus on our customers and innovation will be required more than ever as the entire ISV and cloud ecosystem navigate through these times. 

I believe we are in the earliest days of a digital transformation of the way that software is sold. While there is some uncertainty today, as existing contracts evolve from direct to digital, we will continue to see Cloud GTM rise in prominence as a preferred way of selling for all software companies. By operating carefully through this difficult economic time, taking the lessons that we have learned from Q3 and Q4, we believe there is much growth ahead on the other side as we help all ISVs scale their Cloud GTM.

Our commitment remains to you all as customers and partners to stay laser-focused on delighting our customers, helping you generate revenue efficiently and effectively, and leveraging Cloud GTM as a key pillar of growth.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to reach out – my email is jj@tackle.io.

I want to extend my deepest thanks and gratitude to all who have contributed to Tackle up to this point and those that will continue to contribute. Our number one value is “Start with the Customer” and we would not be where we are today without your focus on bringing Cloud GTM to life for all of our customers.