PLX Summit 2022 - Tackle On-Demand

Mastering the

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John Jahnke, CEO

Building your Cloud GTM Flywheel for revenue acceleration

The way software companies generate revenue has been forever changed by the clouds. Hear from Tackle CEO, John Jahnke as he explains the future of B2B selling and the flywheel effect that cloud is having on how companies go-to-market.

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Adam Boyle, VP of Product

Leaning into digital selling, Marketplace, consumption pricing & PLG

Tackle’s VP of Product, formerly of Trend Micro, Adam Boyle shares his view on the last decade of buyer behavior and how products have evolved to meet changing expectations. From pricing and packaging models to driving sales adoption, hear what history has taught us about serving buyers and how B2B sellers today can lean into digital selling, Marketplaces, and product-led growth to deliver on a modern approach to software purchasing.

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Nicole Smith, VP of Marketing, Tackle & Jess Iandiorio, CMO, Starburst Data

Transforming the B2B buying experience through the Cloud

The way buyers prefer to buy software has changed drastically with e-commerce now the leading preference for software buying. Nicole Smith, VP of Marketing at Tackle, and Jess Iandiorio, CMO at Starburst Data, talk about the shifts we’re seeing in the market, how B2B marketers are evolving their approach to fit a cloud go-to-market world, and best practices and tips for building a comprehensive go-to-market motion that meets buyers where they are.

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Don Addington, CRO

Not hitting your 2022 revenue goals? Tap into this budget

Software is getting significantly more difficult to sell as software budgets shrink, buying committees expand, and enterprise purchasing cycles become longer and more rigid than ever. In this talk, Don Addington, CRO at Tackle, shares the new path to both buyers and their budgets: the clouds. Learn the secrets to attaching your solution to the clouds and giving your customers what they want so you can win in the cloud era.

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Sanjay Mehta, Chief Cloud Officer, Tackle & Erin Figer, CEO and Founder, CORE Consulting

The recipe for high growth Cloud GTM: How co-sell and Marketplace make magic happen

In the Cloud go-to-market era, Cloud Marketplaces and co-selling with Cloud Partners go hand-in-hand. Join Sanjay Mehta, Chief Cloud Officer at Tackle and Tackle & Erin Figer, CEO and Founder, CORE Consulting for a fireside discussion on the challenges most ISVs face when adopting this new motion and tips, tricks, and best practices for overcoming them.

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Tom Cloos, VP of Customer Experience

What Customer Success means in the Cloud GTM era: extending beyond the platform and into your business

Hear from Tackle’s VP of Customer Experience, Tom Cloos, as he shares his perspective on how the cloud has changed customer expectations and how companies can respond beyond building a great platform. Learn how Tackle approaches the role of success in a partner-led organization, how to optimize for the ecosystem, and the importance of education and enablement.

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