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Why Tackle

Unifi Software partnered with Tackle to quickly launch their Data Catalog on the AWS Marketplace and connect them with a large untapped pool of customers eager for simplified billing and deployment.

Key Outcomes

  • Tackle reduced time-to-marketplace from 2-3 months to 2-3 weeks
  • Access to new pool of customers, with streamlined purchasing and billing through AWS contracts
  • Time to transaction and revenue creation reduced by more than half
  • Easy integration with their customers' AWS-based infrastructure with no latency
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Unifi disrupts enterprise software pricing models and brings Catalog solutions to Amazon Web Services

In a world where data is multiplied at exponential rates, metadata management has become a concept that makes enterprises cringe—the time, the energy, and the capital thrown into the task seem to be the only principles growing faster than the data itself. Legacy players are constantly looking for ways to better operationalize the processes behind goals of reducing redundancy and increasing consistency and efficiency in metadata management so as to incite faster product and project delivery. It is no secret that in the space of metadata management, customers of all sizes, but especially those falling into the Fortune 500, often have grievances with the endless need to supplement what vendors promise to be the solution to their problems with the purchase of additional products and services; a never-ending incurement of expenses and management needs. It is an upstream swim that has become exhausting for most, and in an ocean that is becoming more and more red with competition.

But there is a new wave changing how things are done; a wave which aligns with the ever-evolving and agile needs of customers in this space. It is a blue ocean where solutions are SaaS- and web-based, and are driven by innovative big data system management. Naturally, a new generation of industry players are entering this space with unparalleled software solutions. Unifi Software is at the forefront of this movement with their newest catalog offering.

The Unifi Data Catalog is a standalone enterprise-grade Data Catalog complete with intuitive natural language search powered by AI, collaboration capabilities for crowd-sourced data quality, and views of trusted data—all fully governed by IT. It represents platform play at an extremely aggressive price point; a product that has customers now thinking of Catalog and Unifi in the same breath. With an easy entry point and an extensible catalog that can connect to over 80 different data sources quickly, the product allows clients to truly accelerate their path to cloud with an extremely low barrier to entry. The solution provides faster access to accurate insights, encouraging customers’ escapes from ugly procurement processes and thus, expediting time to market and time to value.

“Our catalog-only offering is getting us into Fortune 500/Fortune 250’s at the ground level. A lot of these clients have Amazon accounts and spends and if we can align to those, it’s tremendous. That’s why we did this, help our clients and prospects gain access to our SW and provide value to prove out our full stack.”
-Bill Serino, CRO of Unifi Software

The Tackle Solution - Unstoppable in the AWS Marketplace

The management team at Unifi quickly realized that no matter how great the product offering, it was only going to be as good as its access and ready deployment to customers in need. For this reason, Unifi partnered with the team at to bring the Unifi Data Catalog to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

“When we launched the catalog which was a low entry price point, we needed to give users a faster time to market and time to insights. Giving users the ability to escape a lot of the procurement process that slows down getting value to the user. So [we had to be] able to get it listed, get it visible, and make it easy for users to deploy it.”

-Carlos Castro, Field CTO of Unifi Software

Since this channel’s creation, the product’s promise has exponentially grown, all while significantly simplifying customer’s journey to the cloud both from contractual and deployment standpoints. Upon the commencement of the partnership with Tackle, Unifi’s value proposition and market reach returned unexpected, tangible results found in immediate customer acquisition, brand awareness and transaction completion. Much of this previously untapped potential has since been measured via insights provided by Tackle, delineating the fact that many customers seeking the solution provided by the Unifi Data Catalog have Amazon accounts with paired allocated spends–a combination brimming with possibility if guided by trusted partners thoroughly and with speed. With customer feedback central to its drive, Unifi now consistently seeks opportunities to work with data sources that allow customers to look no further than AWS for their one-stop-shop software solutions. They do so because with increased development ease and decreased logistical disruption often found through a lack of streamlined operations, customers of Unifi (and indirectly Tackle) are able to spend more time on what truly matters to their core business.

An example of this is Unifi’s work with S3. Unifi has the ability to call S3 and identify any data asset that a customer has in their S3 bucket. This ability is especially compelling for customers who have the need of taking their data packages into the platform; with no hassle at all, customers are offered tied integration between Unifi and the AWS stack. This is particularly useful for customers looking for facilitation through a hybrid approach solution—Unifi creates the bridge to hybrid cloud deployment through AWS, initiating immediate consumption and value creation for customers, while Tackle creates the bridge between Unifi and the AWS Marketplace.

Further, purchasing is completed with a click of a button on the marketplace, and contracts and billing are streamlined through AWS contracts, allowing for customers to get the software up and running on their AWS infrastructure without latency.

It is the exposure on AWS that has made Unifi part of the lead generation in this space. The cloud marketplace has been Unifi’s way of getting the company name into the industry and the Data Catalog accessible to industry players. Unifi’s impetus to launch the Data Catalog into the marketplace was intuitive, but the execution greatly assisted.

“With Tackle, we were up and running on the [AWS] marketplace within 2-3 weeks. It took us almost 2-3 months to get up onto other marketplaces by ourselves, so kudos to Tackle!”

-Carlos Castro, Field CTO of Unifi Software

Needless to say, the time to customer transactions and revenue creation was more than halved.

Today, Unifi has set goals of holding each of their reps to two transactions in the AWS marketplace per quarter, which already are projected to be far surpassed. In less than 60 days of product listing, there have been notable enterprise client transactions completed via the public marketplace, and many more in the pipeline with the use of private offers. It is only the beginning for Unifi, and we at Tackle are grateful to be a part of the story.

"With Tackle, we were up and running with the [AWS] marketplace within 2-3 weeks. It took us almost 2-3 months to get up into the Azure marketplace by ourselves, so kudos to Tackle!"

Carlos Castro, Field CTO, Unifi Software