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Why Tackle

Tackle and CyberArk worked together to come up with a marketplace solution that fit CyberArk’s existing business model and addressed the requirements of enterprise software deployments

Key Outcomes

  • In less than one month, Tackle enabled CyberArk to provide advanced privileged access security support for the AWS community and ecosystems via the marketplace
  • Minimal technical resources were required from CyberArk to complete the listings
  • Tackle’s reporting dashboard will allow CyberArk’s finance team to track sales without learning a new software system
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About CyberArk

CyberArk is the global leader in privileged access security, a critical layer of IT security to protect data, infrastructure and assets across the enterprise, in the cloud and throughout the DevOps pipeline.

CyberArk’s goal is to enable enterprises to protect their assets in AWS by providing powerful solutions for securing privileged access at each stage of their journey.

The Challenge

“We came to the realization in early in 2017 that we wanted to be in the Marketplace, but after some analysis we concluded that the listing process would require a significant investment. Unfortunately, resource constraints at that time meant we had to delay our listing until we could come up with an alternative,” said Adam Bosnian, EVP of Global Business Development at CyberArk.

The Tackle Solution

Adam continued, “Knowing we wanted to get listed, Sandhya Gorman from the AWS Marketplace team introduced us to Tackle and we saw immediate benefits”.

  1. The combination of Tackle’s software platform and experience getting vendors listed was an immediate value to CyberArk
  2. CyberArk didn’t want to be in the business of maintaining and managing multiple listings. Tackle’s platform and process help bring all of the disparate systems together
  3. For an enterprise focused company like CyberArk, capturing rich customer detail and providing a concierge experience is key to ensuring clients success
  4. Leveraging Tackle’s prebuilt business integrations with systems like Salesforce will save CyberArk the hassle of custom development

Customer Impact

Following the completion of their listing, Tackle worked with CyberArk to educate their sales team on how to execute customer transactions using both public and private offers.

This is just the beginning of CyberArk’s Marketplace journey. They see a future where they list more products and drive a meaningful part of their business through the AWS Marketplace channel.

“Tackle was amazing to partner with. We had an expedited timeline and the team was very active in engagement, communication and helping to guide us through everything we needed to do to get listed. Tackle was a true partner in the trenches with CyberArk” said Jessica White, Alliances Marketing Manager at CyberArk.

"The combination of Tackle's software platform and experience getting customers listed in the AWS marketplace was an immediate value to us"

Adam Bosnian, EVP of Global Business Development at CyberArk