Listingland: The Cloud Marketplace On-Boardgame

Adam Rosenlund on Jan 30, 2019

Quit playing games with your marketplace plans, and start playing Listingland! Do you want a multi-month slog through the DIY forest, or would you rather reel in those big fish contracts quickly on the Tackle river? Play now and find out!

Are you curious about what it takes to get your marketplace listing from an idea into reality? Many companies wade into the waters of cloud marketplaces without fully grasping the impact it will have on their engineering, sales and marketing teams. With that in mind, we here at Tackle have created Listingland! Play your way through the process of what it means to create a listing from scratch, and how Tackle can help turn that process from a long journey through the dark woods into a casual ride down the river! If you’re ready for a guided tour, drop us a line at

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